The sleep cycle varies from person to person. An average adult needs to sleep for a minimum of 7 to 9 hours a day. But, it is not possible in today’s world. People these days struggle to get a perfect 5-hour sleep and fail to sleep even that much. A person who sleeps on time is generally more productive than the ones who work continuously and neglect their sleep cycle.

A night of good sleep not only boosts your immune system but also makes your brain work smarter and faster. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are:

  • Makes your mind, heart, and immune system work better
  • Improves memory and responsiveness
  • Provides better concentration and enhance creativity
  • Reduces mental problems like depression and anxiety
  • Prevents weight gain
  • Increases ability to pay attention
  • Enhances decision making power

Factors that make you wake up at night

There can be multiple health and environmental issues that can make you wake up at night. Few of them are

Sleeping Environment

Your sleeping environment consists of, your bed and mattress, room temperature, humidity, and the amount of light. It is very important to get the best foam mattress because, without it, you will always feel uncomfortable while sleeping. A good mattress prevents heat retention and prevents sinking into a deep sleep.

If your room temperature is too hot or too cold, you’ll find it difficult to fall asleep. A comfortable temperature makes you fall asleep soon. Similarly, Light, If you like sleeping in a darker room you’ll not fall asleep until all lights are off.

Psychological and health factors

Psychological factors that make you wake up at night include work stress, health condition, and illness, mood, etc. According to researchers, a person tends to sleep fast if he is in a good mood. If you have conditions like diabetes and bladder problems, you’ll wake up frequently to pee. Too much caffeine intake can also keep you awake at night. Work stress or any sort of stress or fear can also cause trouble in sleeping. The key to having a prolonged, relaxed, and undisturbed sleep is to free yourself of all the worries before sleeping.

Sleeping naturally without waking up frequently

To fall asleep naturally and sleep for prolonged hours undisturbed can be troublesome for people these days. However, by below given tips, you can have a perfect night’s sleep.

·        Choose your mattress wisely

Choosing your mattress according to your sleeping habit can help you sleep better. Find softer mattresses if you like sleeping in cozy beds. Find denser and stiffer mattresses if you have back pain or spinal issues.

·        Room temperature and Light

Set your room temperature according to your needs. Most people wake up at night because they feel hot and sweat or because they feel cold and shivering wake them up. Similarly, most people like sleeping in a complete darkroom, and according to researches, your eyes should be completely at rest while you sleep. Even if you sleep with the light on, make sure to keep them low to sleep peacefully.

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